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Hi, just registered but I would like to ask if Coalossal is any good. I have been thinking about maybe adding Lycanroc since Coalossal gets 4 times damage from Water and Ground type moves. Thanks!

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What do you want to do with this Coalossal? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?
I would like to use it in multi battles. Here are it's stats. Note: they are not perfect.

Coalossal LV. 60
G-Max: Yes
Item: Hard Stone
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Steam Engine
HP: 220/ Atk: 132/ Def: 165/ Spe: 60/ Sp. Def: 117/ Sp. Atk: 119
Ancient Power- STAB plus boosts every stat.
Flamethrower- STAB and powerful.
Rock Slide- STAB, hits both Pokemon in Multi Battles and maybe makes target flinch.
Scald- To counter Ground types.
why ancient power its not good for a pokemon to rely on ancient power boost
What do you mean? It gives a stat boost to every single factor, making it really good.
It's only a 10% chance though and it has base 60 power, that's why
Then do you have any other recommendations?
You could run Will O Wisp or Stealth Rock?
I will decide later.

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Coalossal can be used very well in double battles. One of the most used set is Gigantamax with steam engine and weakness policy. Use with another Pokemon that has access to surf, but won't do much damage, like weavile. Make sure to Dynamax first turn. Your moveset sounds good, and use a sp.def boosting nature

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Thanks so much,
 Just asking but I haven't been able to go to the Battle Tower yet so I can't get the Weakness Policy. Maybe Assault Vest since that boost the it's Sp. Def . I have the DLC maybe I can go to Lady Clear to make my Sp. Def points go to a clean state . I have a Zinc so I can give it so he has a good Sp. Def stat. And could you give me other suggestions of other Pokemon that use Surf but don't do much damage? I also have a Tyranitar if you think that is better.
Assault vest sounds good!
Don't use assault vest. Focus sash and weakness policy are both better because they let you use protect.