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Gonna be Blunt, I loved hoenn.

Gardeivor:@ Leftovers

Nature: Modest
Ev's 252 Sp Atk 160 Sp Def 96 Hp

Role: Special Tank


Psychic ( STAB )

Thunderbolt ( Coverage )

Recover ( Kill me if you can! )

Calm Mind ( Coverage )

Aggron:@Muscle Band

Nature: Adamant

Ev's 252 Atk 160 Def 96 Hp

Role: Physical Tank


Head Smash ( STAB )

Iron Head( STAB )

Earthquake ( Coverage )

Curse ( Death )

Salamence:@Life Orb

:Nature Jolly

Ev's 252 Atk 252 Spd 4 Hp

Role: Physical Sweeper


Dragon Dance ( Its just essential )

Dragon Claw ( Gets D-dance boost )

Earthquake ( Coverage )

Fire Fang ( Its physical and fire... )

Gorebyss:@Focus Sash

Nature: Timid

Ev's 252 Sp Atk 252 Spd 4 Hp

Role: Special Sweeper


Surf ( STAB )

Psychic ( Coverage )

Shell Smash ( So cool! )

Baton Pass ( If I feel like givin the glory to a better cause )


Nature: Adamant

Ev's 252 Atk 252 Hp 4 Spd

Role: Revenge Killer


Retaliate ( Powerful after I've lost a team mate, and still gives me the option to switch after )

Earthquake ( Coverage )

Giga Impact ( After Retaliate, if I'm confident, this will put a large dent in a variety of things )

Slack Off ( To stay alive )

Sceptile:@Grass Gem

Nature: Naughty

Ev's 252 Atk 252 Spd

Role: Strategetic Killer


Leafstorm ( Death ! )

X-Scissor ( Basic Sweeps )

Leaf Blade ( Double STAB is useable here... )

Rock Slide ( Coverage )

This is for B/W

Don't forget to include abilities.
Oh crap, I'll list it here.

Gardevoir - Trace
Aggron - Rock head
Salamence - intimidate
Slaking - Truant
Gorebyss - Swift Swim
Sceptile - Unburden

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Aggron: Replace Muscle Band for an Air Balloon to help with that x4 Ground weakness. I'd replace Iron Head with Heavy Slam. Salamence is good, I'd just suggest replacing Fire Fang with Stone Edge. Get rid of Slack Off on Slaking and replace it for Shadow Claw to hit Ghosts types like Gengar and Air Balloon Chandelure. Healing isn't the best way to spend your turn, as your opponent should be able to give back the damage that was recovered in two turns. I'd replace Psychic on Gorebyss with Ice Beam, which offers better type coverage, especially since you don't have an Ice type attack on this team. I'd replace Leaf Blade or Leaf Storm (your choice) with something like Earthquake to provide type coverage. Also, make sure to fill out your EVs, Sceptile has room for 4 more.