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My team:

Lucario:lvl-43/dark pulse,aura sphere,close combat,strngth/he can take almost any of his hits and kan last a very long time to catch him with

Gabite:lvl-43/dragon claw,rock climb,earthquake,dig/only used for the dragon claw

Empoleon:lvl-43/brine,flash cannon,surf,avalanche/Just like lucario ecxept he can take alot more hits

Roserade:lvl-43/giga drain,cut,toxic,magical leaf/jsut to stall while i throw pokeballs

Staraptor:lvl-42/close combat,fly,aerial ace,doble team/Doble team for the longer stall plus he cant hit me with his ghost type moves plus he never uses ancient power

Magmrtor:lvl-35/ he is in trianing so i dont use him ecept to revive my empoleon

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What version.
Looks like Platinum.
That is what I was thinking (hard to kill a lv 70 legendary with lv 43 pokemon)

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Try this since you always end up defeating him or loosing to him in a long battle .

Stall as you do for like 20-30 turns and then try using timer balls and till then try dusk balls .

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