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In the anime, I've seen a lot of wild Golem. But a Graveler needs to be traded in order to get a Golem, right?

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In the games there are trade evolutions in the wild. This is possibly because people releasing trade evolved Pokémon. But from an anime standpoint usually trade evolutions aren't a thing.
For example Slowpoke in the anime evolved to Slowking because it reached a King's Rock and a Shellder clamped onto it. This also happened to Misty's Politoed also evolved just because it got a King's Rock.
I am not aware for any Pokémon that needs to evolve by trade that doesn't need an item to evolve by battling though.

Think about it, it doesn't make sense for for example Misty to trade her Poliwhirl to somebody else just to evolve it and not get it back. It's not super good for the story.

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then, how does graveler evolve
Because the storywriters wanted it like that, if they won't follow that logic with for example Misty's Poliwhirl then they probably won't with other Pokémon. Think about trading as a mechanic to get your friends involved in Pokémon/be able to do more with your friends if they like Pokémon, so there also shall be trade evolutions. The anime doesn't need a mechanic like that because you are just watching it.

I hope that explains it :S
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Well, it’s just anime logic. Nothing makes sense in the anime, it really doesn’t. Moves that always hit like Aura Sphere miss. Charizard gets thrown around by a Chikorita. Charizard knows Tackle (there are so many things wrong with this. It’s an illegal move and it’s an awful illegal move). So yup. That’s why.

I will point out that Bianca traded her Shelmet for a Karrablast and got Escavalier, and Jessie traded her Pumpkaboo and it evolved into a Gourgeist, so really, the anime is also inconsistent (we’re looking at you, Pikachu).

And apparently you could find trade evolutions in the wild for a while now.

So it’s a mix of anime inconsistency and anime logic.

Hope this helps! :)

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You could find trade evolutions in the wild since DPP
Really oops
You can also find wild steelix, who evolves by trading an onix holding metal coat, in the wild in Gen 8
And a ton of other trade evos. Conkeldurr, Accelgor, Escavalier, Gigalith, Gengar, Dusknoir, etc, etc.
Yeah Ik you can find a bunch of trade evos in SWSH in the wild
I'm talking to sm 4evr, he seems to be implying Steelix is the only one like that.
Yeah Ik but u sniped me and I didn’t see ur comment XD I was talking to him too
I knew that, I steelix was the one that I knew for sure without checking any other sources, but I knew there were other ones out there