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I just got Pokémon Home and was ecstatic when I realized that I could move my favorite Pokémon from my Let's Go Pikachu to my favorite out of the new Switch games (Sw/Sh), Pokémon Shield. (I have both) But of course since I played Let's Go when I was young and didn't care about stat changes or EVs/IVs, (still don't care about EV's or IV's, I'm not a competitive battler) so it only had attacking moves. It has:

  • Psybeam
  • Psychic
  • Shadow Ball
  • Tri Attack

I have already replaced Tri Attack with Recover and I definitely want to get rid of either Psychic or Psybeam. I can't decide which one though. In any other case it would be obvious, however, in Let's Go I used a bunch of PP Ups that I worked really hard for on Psybeam, all the way until Psybeam had 32 PP.

Long story short, I can't decide whether to use Psychic since it does more damage, or Psybeam because I worked so hard to make it stronger. I have absolutely no idea what to do!


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Psychic all the way. Firstly, for in-game purposes, damage output is the highest concern considering all things. For this reason, Psychic is vastly superior due to its higher base power.
Now, if you plan to use it in the Battle Tower, use Psyshock any day. First, it suits the role of Alakazam and Kadabra on being a Special Sweeper, so Damage is very important here. Now, the thing that separates Psychic from Psyshock is that Psyshock does physical damage. This prevents you from being walled from any Special Walls which is very nice. So, Psychic for In-Game purposes, Psyshock for the Battle Tower and anything else. Hope I helped!

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Psychic all the way
Having more PP honestly isn’t quite as good as doing more damage. Psybeam has 97.5 power with STAB, while Psychic has 135 power with STAB. More PP is rarely needed, more power is the way to go. As for what to replace psybeam with, mabye go with energy ball because it is a nice powered move that covers rock, ground, and water.

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I would definitely do Psychic. One, psychic helps because it is more powerful. Since you are going to only break it out when it can sweep, you can go with lower pp. Second, going off of my first, since it is a sweeper, only very powerful moves or moves that help set up are good on sweepers.

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