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At noon, I slathered honey on all my trees for the sake of my Oak Challenge, and now, nearly 8 hours later, none of them have any Pokemon. The guide I'm following says there'll be a Pokemon ready every 6 hours. When interacting, it says the tree is slathered in honey.

Edit: I've tried turning my DS lite off and on, leaving and re entering buildings, and nothing worked. However, I switched the game over to my 3DS and it triggered an encounter. Can anyone tell me what's up with this? the game is also a bootleg.

Edit 2: Day two, and my honey trees should've been ready 4 to 5ish hours ago, since I put new honey on this morning. Now, none of my DS systems are triggering an encounter. All trees still say they're slathered in honey, though. I also want to add that I never change the time on my consoles, since a lot of people tend to think that... I'll edit tomorrow and try on my Legit copy of Pearl version to see if it happens on that too, just to see if it has to do the bootlegness or not.

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Is it possible that you checked your first DS at 5 hours and 58 minutes, and the 6th hour passed between your 2 checks?
no, i set a timer for 6 hours, and waited two hours after the 6 hours checking every 30 minutes before changing systems
That means you waited 8 hours, not 6.
i said, i went back every half hour to check after exactly six hours.
okay sorry.

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