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My planned X team is Chesnaught, Talonflame, Barbaracle, Dragalge, and Golurk. I want a sixth team member as well, so what's a good choice?

In-game or competitive
It says in-game-team in the tags.

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I would use Lucario. It is Fighting/Steel, so it’s typing only overlaps with Chesnaught, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. You have a lot of Physical attackers, so I would suggest running a specially oriented set with Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, and Psychic. It can also Mega Evolve, and it has great stats. It can easily take down Wikstrom, Wolfric, and Olympia.

Riolu can be found on Route 22 (Détourner Way) with a 5% spawn rate at level 6 in the grass, and 25-26 in yellow flowers (source). An alternative method is obviously getting one from Korrina.

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Well a Pokemon like goodras good too it's great stats and movesets are perfect to use against different trainers you come across

Well I took it and I easly beat Pokemon it wasn't effective against it could learn poison for fairy ice and dragon for dragon and fire for ice it could cover all types it's weak to but mega Lucario does have better stats as it can mega evolve but in my experience goodra was great and easly took down tough Pokemon (•‿•)

Just because it has good stats doesn't mean it's a great member of the team. While it may work if it was for a pokemon to base a team off of or a good one for 1v1, it won't work here. It has to have some synergy with the rest of the team.