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Sceptile, Lv38

Leaf Blade
Fury Cutter

Castform, Lv37

Rain Dance
Weather Ball
Shock Wave

Hariyama, Lv38

Vital Throw
Fake Out
Bulk Up

Mawile, Lv39

Faint Attack
Fake Tears

Dusclops, Lv39

Shadow Punch
Shadow Ball
Confuse Ray

Who will be my last team member?

Why? (filler)
To me, who will be my last team member makes it seem like that there is some sort of pattern, formula, etc. Not sure if I'm making any sense though...

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I would say use a Camerupt. You don't have a Fire or Ground type on the team yet, so type overlap won't be an issue. Its STAB moves can cover four types super effectively that your other STAB moves cannot. A Camerupt can do well against Steven, who's team primarily consists of Rock and Steel types, both of which Camerupt's STAB moves are super effective against.

Hope I helped!

Camerupt is so slow and water type moves can be a great coverage against it.
Why would you keep Camerupt in against a Water type in the first place? Switch to Sceptile in that case. Besides, this is ingame. You have access to Revives and Potions.
A lot of Steven's Pokemon know earthquake.
Fair point. It can still be useful against his Skarmory, however.
There are lots of Pokemon, like Manectric and Magneton, that are useful against Skarmory and many other opponents.
Fire and Ground are both good offensive types. It's not just for Steven, it can be used for Glacia's Glalies and other random Trainers.
Manectric and Magneton are useful against her Walrein and more random trainers.
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You should use Marill because it can learn all the required HMs, and none of your team members can learn surf, dive, or waterfall.
I also recommend putting Mawile, Castform, and Dusclops in a PC box so Sceptile and Hariyama can gain more experience and reach higher levels.

I have Zigzagoon and Tropius as my HM slaves, also why do I need to put Mawile, Castform and Dusclops in a PC box? Since they're useful in my playthrough
None of them can learn dive or waterfall. I'm pretty sure a higher level Sceptile and Hariyama is more useful than a lower level Mawile, Castform, and Dusclops. Sceptile and Hariyama have higher attack stats, which can save more of your time, Hariyama's bulk up lets it solo some Elite 4 battles, and Mawile's only STAB move is hidden power.