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Burning jealousy (fire, special, any Pokemon with stat boosts get burnt)
Coaching (fighting, status, boosts attack and defense of allies)
Corrosive gas (poison, status, destroys items of adjacent Pokemon)
Dual wingbeat (flying, physical, hits twice in a row, base power 40,accuracy 90)
Expanding force (psychic, special, more powerful on psychic terrain, base power 80,accuracy 100)
Flip turn (water, physical, same effect as u-turn, base power, base power 60,accuracy 100)
Grassy glide (grass, physical, always goes first on Grassy terrain)
Lash out(dark, physical, power is doubled if the user stats have been lowered, base power 75,accuracy 100)
Meteor beam (rock, special, boosts special atk first turn and attacks on second, bp 120, acc 90)
Misty explosion (fairy, special, more powerful on Misty terrain but user faints, bp and acc 100)
Poltergeist (ghost, physical, fails if the target does not have an item, bp 110,acc 90)
Rising voltage (electric, special, more powerful on electric terrain, BP 70, acc 100)
Scale short (dragon, physical, hits 2-5 times in a row, raises user's speed but lowers defense, BP 25,acc 90)
Skitter smack (bug, physical, lowers target's sp atk, BP 70,acc 90)
Scorching sands (ground, special, may burn target, BP 70,acc 100)
Steel roller (steel, physical, destroys the terrain but fails if there in no terrain in effect, BP 130,acc 100)
Terrain pulse(normal, special, changes type depending on terrain bp 50, acc 100)
Triple axel (ice, physical, hits 3 times with increasing power BP 20,acc 90)

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