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So I was gonna play SW/SH at a friends house after COVID-19 is over, so I decided to plan out a team. I wanted to use Cinderace, Dracovish or dracozolt, Corviknight, Sirfetch'd or Grapploct, Grimmsnarl and either Drednaw or Barraskewda. Can you please help me chose?

For Cinderace, I was thinking Pyro ball, Iron Head (For rock bois) U-turn (because its good) and Zen Headbutt. For Corviknight, Drill Peck,Iron Head, U-turn, Hone Claws. For Grimmsnarl I'm thinking False Surrender, Spirit Break, Fake Out and Thunder Wave

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I think Cinderace looks good.

Perhaps corviknight:
Brave Bird/Drill Peck
Iron Head
Hone Claws

Grimmsnarl's other moves could be Fake Out and Thunder Wave.

Keep in mind these may not be the best sets, but I've personally used the corviknight and grimmsnarl ones ingame, and they worked well.
Hey thanks Mega!
No problem!

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I would say use Dracovish over Dracozolt. While it gets Fishious Rend at a late level, you at least get it in time for Leon. Moves like Crunch and Psychic Fangs are also very good coverage. However, you should opt for Dracozolt if you don't want type overlap with Barraskewda.

Good Dracovish moves:
Fishious Rend
Psychic Fangs

Good Dracozolt moves:
Bolt Beak
Dragon Claw/Outrage
Earthquake/High Horsepower

Sirfetch'd is better than Grapploct, as it has a better movepool. The evolution method can be a bit tricky, however.

Good Sirfetch'd moves:
Brave Bird
Leaf Blade
Brick Break
Knock Off/Swords Dance (setup usually isn't necessary in game, however)

Barraskewda has a much more varied movepool than Drednaw, and can hit quite hard. In game, where hyper offense is crucial, this is important.I

Good Barraskewda moves:
Drill Run
Psychic Fangs
Crunch/Close Combat/Poison Jab

Hope I helped!

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Hey thanks. can you put in movesets if it doesn't trouble you? I'll give the movesets for my other pokes that I chose and you can tell me if it is good. Is that cool?
Sure! You want movesets for Dracovish, Dracozolt, Sirfetch'd, and Barraskewda, correct?
Yup! (filler)
Hey Mega if you are still on, can you check my sets? Im giving BA anyways, but please give your suggestions