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My current team consists of Serperior, Darmanitan, Swanna, Scoliopede, and Beartic, my Swanna is outfitted for special attacks, but every other teammate is physical. I prefer to avoid repeating types on my team, so a suggestion for a final teammate that plugs my teams hole on the special side of things would be great, thanks guys.

I used special Lucario, might be an option
You should probably replace Serperior with Lilligant. Lilligant has better stats, sleep powder, and quiver dance.
@Kyogre Lucario is post-national Pokedex in BW.
if it's ingame it's probably too late for that lol @sumwun

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I'll suggest Gothitelle
I realize your current team does not has a Psychic type, which could get rid of poison type that non of your team has type advantage at.
Gothitelle has nice special attack, defense and special defense stat, and access to a not bad movepool.
It's two ability was also pretty nice.
Moveset suggestion for it:

Gothitelle @ Mind Plate /Leftovers
Suggest Ability: Frisk or Shadow Tag were all ok
Suggest Nature: Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Psychic
- Thunderbolt
- Energy Ball
- Shadow Ball

Hope I helps and good luck on your rest advanture in Black!

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Wait so this IS comp?
no, but just mentioning it could be good in comp also
If you catch a Pokemon for an in-game playthrough, it's likely to have bad IVs and natures, and then it'll accumulate bad EVs during the story. You're not going to use a Pokemon like that in competitive (not to mention the unlikeliness anybody is playing competitive on a Gen 5 cartridge in 2020).
thank you fizz for the feedback!