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that's really interesting me

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No one really knows. Although then again think this way , diglett is super fast digging mole. It takes maybe 50 years of digging for a couple of normal moles to completely cut down a tree by digging under it. The trees you cut are small and its a fictional creature that can cut much faster than a normal mole so it could dig under it to make it collapse pretty quickly. Maybe its nose it sharp,who knows.

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the nose is also rumored to be a mouth with a single tooth inside of it, which could possibly be used to "cut." but then it would be a bite. I think I'll just stay with Ike's idea of a sharp nose. :3
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It's a video game series about children owning animals with superpowers and leaving home at the age of 10 without any education to go pit them in cockfights. There's not gonna be a ton of logic in things like that. Diglett is a mole pokemon and probably has claws underneath the ground that aren't visible. There are tons of inconsistencies like this in video games, but they aren't meant to make 100% sense.

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Crap i was a little to late
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The same way Garydos uses thunder, and tropius flies.

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and if any of you are familiar with the mystery dungeon series, there is a sentence that a diglett says after you rescue him from a tower that goes like;  "im so glad that you rescued me!  my feet felt like they were floating on air!"
Yes, because feet can cut