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I just wanna know so I can grind my team easier


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Level 50
On the Victory Road, Audino have an 80% chance to appear in Rustling Grass in the Grove. Otherwise it is 85% and 95% in certain areas. They can be levels 47-50.
Good luck grinding!

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Level 47-50
Victory Road. Audino with 85% chance appear in rustling grass. They are 85%, so you should most of the time encounter them. For grinding, you should attach a Lucky Egg to your Pokemon then they will level up really fast. You obtain a Lucky Egg from Prof. Juniper in Celestic Tower. You already should have.

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Levels 47 - 50
In Victory Road, you can get Audino at an 80% chance in the grove in rustling grass. You can also get some to appear at a higher chance, 95%, in 'Outside 2' in rustling grass. As mentioned before, you should have gotten a Lucky Egg before, so whip up that EXP and go to the Elite Four!


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Does this answer add anything that isn't already in another answer?
Yes, the 95% chance thing is added. I'm suprised nobody saw that.
Kyogre's answer already mentioned the 95% chance.
They don't have a exact location. (No offense)
What would anybody understand by "Outside 2"?
I dunno, but my source didn't exactly tell me it's name, but it showed me that, so I guess I just put that there. Sorry.