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I know there's a guy in Slateport City in ORAS which mentions that his Pokemon with a Hasty nature is really fast. Are there any more?

Someone in Sunyshore City asks to see a Pokemon with a certain nature. He installs something on the Poketch after you show him the right nature 3 times.
I know Avery from Isle of Armor asks if your nature is Calm when you hit one of his pokemon super effectively.
The only ones that I know of are Avery(when attacked), Madame Celadon in gen 1, a man in a house next to sunnyshore city.
The same man you refer to also exists in the original Ruby and Sapphire.
In Gen 7 I know of the Fortune teller in LGPE. In Gen 8 the person handing out mints at the battle tower talks about their effect on a Pokémon’s nature so he counts too.
I found another guy in RSE in the Rustboro Pokemon center. He says "My Pokemon has a NAIVE nature, and my friend's has a JOLLY nature. It's fascinating how Pokemon have personalities!"

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