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My team in Pokemon Diamond version,
Infernape Lvl.53
Staraptor Lvl.52
Dialga Lvl.47
Floatzel Lvl. 51
Gastrodon Lvl.51
Bronzong Lvl.51

Where should I train these Pokemon to get them all to Lvl.55?
Please tell me the way

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In D/P, Route 227 gives more EXP than Route 228 on average in the night, but slightly less in the morning and day. It is, however, awfully inaccessible. You could also technically go for Turnback Cave's mid-levels, but then you need to get to the first pillar first. You could also use some lower floors of Snowpoint Temple.


Hope I helped!

Thank u but I already got them in lvl.55. And I defeated Cynthia alsop
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