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I want all my shiny Pokemon to be in my language, but this corsola is chinese. Please help.


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If the game you're talking about is Sword or Shield, and the Corsola was not nicknamed already, you may change its name once. If the Pokemon is foreign, however, it may not be re-nicknamed at all.

If it is any game prior to Generation 8, you may not change the name at all, sorry.

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Oops, sniped. XD
It did not work... And it didn't have a nickname because it had the same symbols as an actual chinese corsola (I looked it up). And the name changed, but not to english.
I tried going to the move relearner to rate the nickname, but he says it's impeccable
Well, I suppose it's impossible then. Apologies for false information.
All good. ಠ﹏ಠ
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The only way I know of to change a Pokémon's name to another language is to evolve it. For example, if you had a Japanese Popplio and evolved it, its name would be Brionne in English (if you're playing in English). But Corsola can't evolve (Galarian Corsola can, but not regular Corsola). You can nickname Pokémon that have match your OT (name, gender, ect.), but obviously it's a Chinese Corsola from a random person, so you can't. In conclusion, there isn't a way.

Source: Experience