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They don't even have an impact on the storyline since they are distributed by giveaways. Their stats are pseudo-legendary level stats, which are alright but not something super impressive, and most of them would be in UU or OU except for Shaymin-Sky and Magearna. What's the point of spending hard-earned money to redeem the QR code to a Pokemon that doesn't you can't make the most of because you can't use them in battle facilities? Like come on, they're literally only to advertise movies and for those collectors who play Pokemon the laid-back way and think it's a "kid's game".

The pokemon are rare, you have to even pay money sometimes to get them. And then you realise you can't even use them in ranked battles. People pay money to get mythicals because they think they are cool and are decently strong and want to use them in the battle facilities. *sigh* it's just game freak being greedy as always
A lot of them do have powerful signature moves, like legendaries
Game Freak logic
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall any instance where there was an event distribution that required you to pay exclusively to obtain a mythical Pokemon. There have been promotions for Pokemon Bank and stuff where you can get an event Pokemon if you buy the service, but you're not really buying the Pokemon... you're buying the service. It's not, "hey, pay $20 a year for this Pokemon" it's "hey, if you get this service that can be useful for storing Pokemon, you can have this event Pokemon".
Also, what is the logic behind "I cannot use this Pokemon to battle NPCs, who do not care which Pokemon I have, so there is no reason whatsoever that this Pokemon should exist"? I might be wrong, but aren't the battle facilities just for battling NPCs? And, even if I am wrong and they aren't just for battling NPCs, just because you can't use them to battle people doesn't mean that they shouldn't exist.
As Hellfire Taco said they give the mythicals for paying for a service which is useful for us.a example is pokeball plus. You can get a "free" mew in lets go and swoshi by connecting the device to the game

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Mythical Pokemon are usually related to lore, and are sometimes part of the story. Arceus is a Mythical, it's the god of Pokemon. Darkrai is the lord of dreams. Mew was one of the first Pokemon. All Mythicals have at least a little lore behind them, and are usually used to help make the story seem a little deeper, and give explanations to things. Even though you can't use some in online battles, you can still use them in regular play.

Phione is the exception. It has scarcely any lore, and serves only as a child of Manaphy. However, Phione's Mythical status is disputed anyways.

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why does game freak torture us
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