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This is for B/W.

Drapion No item-Adamant Nature

Toxic Spikes (obvious enough)

Ice Fang(coverage for Ground types)

Cross Poison(STAB)

Brick Break(breaks through Reflect and Light Screen, plus Ice and Rock types)

Simisage Occa Berry-Relaxed Nature(unfortunately)

Nasty Plot(stat up, sweep down)

Energy Ball(STAB)

Grasswhistle(as Cilan would say, adds lots of flavor to Simisage)

Focus Blast(coverage on Ice)

Tentacruel No item-Docile Nature

Wring Out(when your HP's low)

Brine(not much, but a useful STAB)

Sludge Bomb(for Grass types)

Swagger(keep em' confused!)

Garchomp Earth Plate-Brave Nature

Dragon Rush(In your face, Brave Nature!stab)

Stone Edge(Ice coverage)

Swords Dance(powering up...)

Earthquake(well why not?)

Camerupt Fire Gem-Naive Nature

Sunny Day(you probably know what's next)

Solarbeam(nifty for Water)

Flamethrower(a STAB plus sun)


Gavantula Zap Plate-Mild Nature

Bug Buzz(STAB)


Sucker Punch(I really don't know why)

Toxic(a real threat to others)


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Drapion-Perhaps put whirlwind on him to spread those toxic spikes around to everyone. You could also take advantage of his ability and try to abuse critical hits with moves like Night slash (which gets STAB by the way)

Simisage Fine if you're going to run a special set on him, but his special movepool is kind of shallow. Perhaps run some form of hidden power to cover a few more types.

Tentacruel-I'd suggest replacing sludge with Venoshock. It gets doubled power when the target is poisoned (that works great with toxic spikes. Throw in some STAB, and you can do some heavy damage)

garchomp- I'd suggest replacing dragon rush with Outrage or dragon claw for a bit more reliability. An Item like a life orb or Yache berry can do him good. An elemental fang can also help nicely. He already has high attack, but he still has a good number of things able to outspeed him, so swords dance isn't required. An Item like a life orb or Yache berry can do him good.

camerupt-I'd suggest against a sunny day set for this guy. His weaknesses are too common for him to last long enough to use them. Overheat would make a nice move on him since he will end up having to switch out a lot anyway.

Gavantula-Perhaps have hidden power [water] to cover his fire and rock weakness. Discharge is nice for the paralysis chance, and if you want a bit more power, you can use thunderbolt. Even thunder works great on him thanks to his compound eyes ability. Energy ball is an option if you want a bit more coverage.

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