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I've been doing an Italian playthrough of Ultra Moon for fun, and I decided to give myself a little challenge by using an all Water-type team. However, I came to a screeching halt when I tried to decide on my last team member. Here's my team planned so far:

Primarina - My starter. It can use some pretty powerful moves and has always been useful in my playthroughs. With Sparkling Aria (for its Z-Move), Moonblast, Psychic, and Energy Ball or Ice Beam, it can pack quite a punch.

Pelipper - Drizzle will activate Rain when it enters battle, boosting the power of Water-type moves and giving Hurricane perfect accuracy. This will come in handy, as my entire team is at least part Water type.

Toxapex - Quite bulky, which can come in handy in multiple ways, such as for reviving or healing other Pokemon with items. Though usually hyper offense is the way to go in-game, I've found bulky Pokémon quite useful.

Lanturn - With Volt Absorb, it's immune to Electric-type moves, a weakness among most Water-types. This makes it quite useful and it doesn't posses the 4x Grass weakness that Water/Ground-types have.

Vaporeon - It has decent special bulk, but with a lack of quick recovery (it gets Aqua Ring and Wish, but Wish is only through breeding), it's not the best. I'm considering replacing it with a different Pokémon, though I adore it.

I'm completely clueless, so any help is greatly appreciated!


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It's a very strong Pokemon with excellent moves. It's a wonderful physical attacker, which your team seems to need. It does have a pretty bad Ability, though. A moveset I would recommend:

Golisopod @ Mystic Water / Sitrus Berry / Waterium Z / Bugnium Z
Ability: Emergency Exit
- Liquidation
- First Impression / Leech Life
- Poison Jab
- Brick Break


Another solid Pokemon. While slow, it has massive Special Defense, which is very good. Here's a moveset:

Araquanid @ Mystic Water / Waterium Z / Bugnium Z
Ability: Water Bubble
- Crunch
- Lunge / Leech Life
- Liquidation
- Poison Jab

Hope I helped!

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wimpods are pains to catch, tho Golisopod worked pretty well for me.
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I would actually go with Swampert here. Even though it has a nagging weakness to Grass, it provides an extra Failsafe if Lanturn faints. It can also cover Kiawe, Sopholces, Molayne, Olivia, and some others. With Solid bulk and Physical Attacks, it can help a lot. It has access to good Physical moves in Waterfall, Ice Punch, Rock Slide, Earthquake and Hammer Arm to provide good coverage. These reasons are why I think Swampert is a good option. Hope this helps!
It is available at Brooklet Hill which is pretty early, but you can just trade.

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I would go with Gyarados.
It has good attack, 121, which are great to have for an in-game run. It can be found at many places, by fishing directly for it or making magikarp call for help (or alternatively, you could just evolve a magikarp). It has the awesome ability Intimidate, which lowers attack, so you can switch in and out on a tough physical opponent. I find in game to be mostly physical opponents as well. It has a nice level up movepool, with Aqua Tail and Ice Fang early on, and dragon dance and crunch later on. It also learns the always helpful Earthquake by TM, which can be found at Resolution Cave (which is late in the game.) A good moveset for it would be:
[email protected] or Groundium Z
•Ice fang—Earthquake
•Aqua Tail
•Dragon Dance

Hope this helped!

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I know you love bulk, and Milotic is a great tank, having great 100 base Special Attack. With 95 / 79 / 125 defenses, it makes an exceptionally good Special Tank.

The biggest problem with Milotic would be evolving it. If you need help evolving Feebas, I'll gladly trade with you. :3

Now, onto its matchups in major battles.

The earliest you get get a Prism Scale is after Lana's trial if you go to Kala'e Bay and ride on Lapras. This shouldn't be much of a problem since Popplio and Wingull can take on Hala with ease, and the Normal trial shouldn't be too hard for you to complete.

Disarming Voice, while weak, can take on Nanu. Its Water STAB (most likely Water Pulse) should plow through Olivia and the Fire trial, and Hydro Pump hits half of Hapu's Team (Icy Wind can beat Flygon and both Icy Wind and Hydro Pump are neutral on Gastrodon). In Konikoni City you can pick up Bulldoze for Olivia and the electric trial, though its Attack is low.

Moves: Hydro Pump, Icy Wind/Ice Beam, Coil, Recover (that's what I would use by the end of the game, at least).

Item: Use what you'd like, but Leftovers are probably the best option.

Hope this helps! :)

Oh, sorry I took so long, but thank you as well! I think I'll use Milotic as well and replace Vaporeon, since Miltotic seems better than it. :3