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It's in pu for gen 8, so how was it an UBER in gen 3?


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The first is that the generally accepted definition of a counter is that you can switch in a Pokemon and then defeat or scare off the enemy, and Wobbuffet prevents anything from switching in. The second is that Wobbuffet vs. Wobbuffet will not end if they are holding Leftovers, because Leftovers heals more than Wobbuffet can hit with Struggle.

A few generations later, Ghost types were made immune to Shadow Tag. This would allow a Ghost type to come in and pulverize Wobbuffet. Encore was also nerfed, and Gothitelle was introduced as a better Shadow Tag user.


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So they deserved their places in ubers lol. Interesting. Thanks to both of you, but x gave 2 reasons.
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I don't think you understand how shadow tag works. If Wobbuffet's opponent isn't ghost type, it's still trapped by shadow tag, so a ghost type teammate still can't switch in. Shadow tag is still banned in OU even after it was nerfed. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/shadow-tag-has-been-banned-from-gen-8-ou.3656443/
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I'm pretty sure neither the shadow tag nerf nor the encore nerf are the real reasons Wobbuffet is now untiered. Shadow tag is still very broken in gen 8 despite the nerfs, and in case you still haven't noticed, shadow tag Wobbuffet is still illegal in gen 8 OU. In gen 5, Wobbuffet got telepathy as a hidden ability, so Smogon let people use Wobbuffet in lower tiers as long as they're using telepathy Wobbuffet, not shadow tag Wobbuffet.

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Shadow Tag. Shadow Tag doesn't let the opponent switch out, so it was banned by Gen 3 OU.