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I'm thinking of using an Azumarill for my ingame team and wanted to raise it from a Azurill, so I decided I wanted some cool egg moves. But according to both Azurill and Marills egg move pages Marill gets more egg moves? Does that mean Azurill can't learn some egg moves Marill does and that it would be better to just breed Marill? Im aware you need an incense to breed to get Azurills. If so, it's kind of a letdown that in order to get some of the egg moves on a Pokemon you can't have them on the baby Pokemon.


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Marill gets more Egg Moves in every game. Sword and Shield are also the only games where Azurill gets Belly Drum, Aqua Jet and Perish Song. It also can't learn any of these moves in previous Gens. Marill can also breed to get all 3 of those moves in every Gen except ,2 and 3, and in those games, it gets Belly Drum and Perish Song. There is no reason to breed for Azurill unless you want something cute or to complete the Pokédex. Also, looking through their Egg moves, it looks like Marill gets All the Egg moves Azurill does plus more.
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Source: These Pokémons Egg Move pages

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