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Its 8:00 pm right now and my gligar is holding the razor fang,but when I feed it a rare candy,it doesnt evolve,can anyone help me because I dont want a gligar still when I reach the e4.

Have you changed the time on your DS recently?
No i waited until it was 8pm
Hey lego man, you may have forgotten to change your ds clock due to daylight savings time and time changes. Maybe try again in an hour? Make sure your clock is set to 20:00
Ok ill tell you if it works in an hour

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Hey Legoman,

Chances are your DS clock is off, since you got all the other steps right.

Go to settings in your DS and make sure it's set past 20:00 (8 pm)

Time changes twice per year, so there's a chance it's still set to 19:00 (7 pm) from the past time change. Let me know if this helps!

If it doesn't, double check you got the right held item. There are multiple Razor items in the game, so make sure you got the Razor Fang :)

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Thanks!My gligar evolved!
No problem! Good luck on the e4!!
Btw i love your leafeon pfp
Thank you!! UwU