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Ok the heading doesn’t make sense but in Pokémon Sword/Shield there are 2 people giving us pikachu or eevee depending on the version we played earlier. I played Sword and Shield first so when I buy Let’s Go and complete it, will I still be able to get the pikachu or eevee?

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I think the game just looks to see if you have played it.  It does not matter how far you are.

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Yes, you still will be able to get your special Pikachu/Eevee.

You can collect it from talking to the boy in the Wild Area Station.

You can also find Eevee and Pikachu in the wild of route 4.

Hope this helps!

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Ok thanks !But isn’t the pikachu/eevee we get from wild area station is more special than than the wild ones?
Yeah, they're gigantamax.
The gift ones are Gigantimax, and the wild ones aren't, you can make them Gigantimax with the dlc, or trade with someone who has the dlc.
Oh thanks!!!!