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So, what are all of the moves that are good in singles but not in doubles, and vice versa? For example, Muddy Water is good in doubles, but not singles.

What kind of singles and what kind of doubles?
Depends on how good "good" is. Like in doubles protect is a amazing, but protect is also quite helpful in singles for pokemon such as clefable with wish. You may not count protect as "good" is singles be a use so few pokemon use it, but for them it is "good".
Gen 8 OU and Gen 8 Doubles OU
Oof I can think of some but surely not all everyone has a different opinion on using moves some might like a move in doubles and some might not
Well definitely moves that only work on allies, like Coaching or Helping Hand.
I might be able to program my computer to read files from https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/gen-8-smogon-university-usage-statistics-discussion-thread.3657197/ and calculate how much more common each move is in one format compared to the other. Would you like that?
@sumwun sure. I got an answer from someone else, and I'm waiting to BA, so you can go ahead.

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Bad in singles, good in doubles

-Protection moves (depends)
- Follow Me/Rage Powder
- Me First (not available in gen 8 but still deserves a mention)
- After You
- Mat Block
- Trick Room and Tailwind are still good moves, however in double battles they are much better
- Fake Out is less valuable in singles than in doubles
- Rock Slide, Heat Wave, and Muddy Water are outclassed in singles, but aren't bad
- Snarl, Icy Wind, Bulldoze
- Skill Swap
- Psych Up
- Fling
- Aurora Veil, Light Screen, Reflect are less useful in singles than they are in doubles
- Safeguard
- Wide Guard
- Quick Guard
- Swagger
- Decorate
- Coaching
- Helping Hand
- Ally Switch
- Quash
- Feint

Good in singles, bad in doubles

-Stealth Rocks
- Sticky Web
- Spikes
- Toxic Spikes
- Defog, because its main purpose is to remove hazards
- Stone Edge is lesser seen in doubles due to the ubiquity of Rock Slide
- Hydro Pump/Scald are worse than Surf in doubles
- The poison type is pretty bad even in singles, but Sludge Bomb is garbage in doubles because Sludge Wave hits both opponents

Hope this helps! And if I missed anything, can you please tell me in the comments? Thank you

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