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I need a water type for my team partly because I want surf on a main attacking Pokemon(not an HM slave)
My team now is:
Lombre(HM slave)

Please tell me a good water type to pick

Which gym are you at?
You don't need surf. Why don't you just finish the game with the 4 attacking Pokemon you already have? A fifth Pokemon would take more experience and lower your other Pokemons' levels.

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I recommend Tentacruel. You can find Tentacools very easily at almost any point in the game, and they have a decent catch rate. The typing would not overlap with any of your team members except Lombre, which is inconsequential. Tentacruel's Special Attack may be a mere 80, but it can employ Surf well both in and out of battle.

Hope I helped!

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Totally forgot Tentacruel.  XD
I don't know which answer to pick. There both very good
You should use Tentacruel. I already explained why in another comment.
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I propose Walrein. It's bulky, has a good typing, and can use Surf well.

Walrein can be found as a Spheal in Shoal Cave, outside of Mossdeep city. It evolves into Sealeo at level 32, and into Walrein at level 44.

Walrein can learn Surf and make good use of it as a STAB move. It can also learn Waterfall and Dive. Walrein learns Aurora Beam by level up for those pesky Dragons, but I recommend using the Ice Beam TM.

It has great HP and Defenses, at 110/90/90 respectively. Unfortunately, it's pretty slow. It's ability in Emerald, Thick Fat, halves damage from Fire and Ice type moves, which is helpful for switch-ins.

Walrein (I recommend a held item like Mystic Water or Leftovers)
Nature and EVs don't really matter
Ability: Thick Fat
-Ice Beam

With these moves, Walrein can do well against:
-Tate and Liza's entire team
-Maxie's Crobat and Camerupt
-Archie's Crobat
-Sidney's Shiftry and Cacturne but be careful
-Drake's entire team
Walrein can also tank many hits and do powerful neutral damage to a lot.

I think Tentacruel is better than Walrein because Tentacruel can be found earlier, evolves earlier, and has more speed and less weaknesses.
Okay well you have X's answer for that
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Ludicolo is obviously a good water type, but you are using it as a HM slave. Make Breloom a HM slave (Flash /Rock Smash / Strength / Cut), as you already have Blaziken as a fighting type, and Ludicolo as another grass type (you have another slot empty). Or if you don't want to waste all the slots to water HMs, you can catch another water type as Ludicolo doesn't have weaknesses of water (I suggest Tentacruel). Unless you use these water types (which has Ice Beam), you are in serious trouble with Drake.

Ludicolo @ Mystic Water / Miracle Seed (rotate constantly)
Ability - whatever you have (Swift swim is recommended)

  • Surf (HM)
  • Giga Drain (TM) [if you didn't waste it for Breloom, otherwise Solar Beam (TM)]
  • Rain Dance (TM) / Sunny Day (TM) (if you use Solar Beam)
  • Brick Break (TM)

This set of Ludicolo is useful for Juan, Sidney, Glacia and Wallace's whole team except his Ludicolo.

Tentacruel @ Nevermeltice
Ability - Clear Body

  • Dive (HM)
  • Waterfall (HM)
  • Ice Beam (TM)
  • Sludge Bomb (TM)

This set is useful mainly for Drake.

It would be too difficult to do all these changes in your team now itself, but if you want to restart the game, then this would be good. Or else continue the game without changing your HM slave (but you would be crushed by Drake).

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Ludicolo is worse than Tentacruel because Tentacruel learns bubblebeam and evolves earlier.
It is worse, I agree. I meant that Breloom is worse than Ludicolo. Ludicolo has good typing, he could be used as a surfer and he is useful for Sidney (gives support to Blaziken) and doesn't have weakness of extrasensory. Because of the drawback you had mentioned, I also recommended to catch a Tentacruel. (I guess it doesn't matter if you have two water types than two fighting types, as Tentacruel and Ludicolo don't share a common weakness, but Blaziken and Breloom do).
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Put the time in for a Milotic! It’s worth the grind. 100 base special attack and 80 base speed. Access to all the moves you need and looks cool on the screen

Feebas is difficult to catch and is damn rare. It is also a pain to evolve Feebas