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Hey so, surprise I have multiple copies of Black for obvious reasons. However, my orginal copy, that I got legit from my local Walmart upon release, has always had a habit of freezing.

I never really cared since it's always been a thing, but now it's happening every 10 minutes on that card. I'm trying to do a playthrough on it, and it feels impossible....

For some more context, you know those plastic pins on the back of DS cartridges? One of them is broken but in place, but it always has been broken and only recently it's been freezing this badly. I'm going to try cleaning the game since my ds's always have trouble reading it, too.

Any advice?

Edit for the staff:
I realize now this doesn't have anything to do directly to Pokemon or the game itself. This is a technical issue for sure. If you want to close this, or hide this, feel free. But, if this gets an answer, it may be good to keep it open for any other future cases and similar problems. Thanks!

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Is the internal battery working? All the plastic pins are connected to each other
black and white don't have an internal battery
Idk what's wrong but I think you should backup your game with PowerSaves just to be safe. :P
Thanks, actually i already have this hacking software on my 3ds that automatically backs up my saves whenever i use them, lol ;P

Also profdelldell, yeah the battery works fine. I think the issue may have something to do with its ability to be read since my ds'a cant read it half the time in the game slot
Just at a glance, this seems like a problem with the game card and not the DS itself. Have any other of the cartridges acted like this?
no, this is the only cartridge, and it happens regardless of the ds I use. I mean, it probably happened with Hg and W2, but definitely not anything as memorable.

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First, see if it is the game that is glitching or the system. If the game is the problem, there is really nothing you can do. But you do have multiple copies, so trade the Pokemon you like over to the other game. If it is the DS then you can search up frequent problems on the DS and how to fix them then that might fix it. I'm sorry about the original copy of Pokemon Black that is not working!
Hope I helped!

This would be the common protocol for pretty much everything, and it appears they wanted a bit more of a specified answer, rather than just the regular protocol for fixing something like it