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I do not know what to do. I have a free spot on my Pokemon team in Pokemon Ultra Sun. I am in the middle of the game. I am about to fight Necrozma in the other world that is accessed by the Ultra Warp Ride. My team right now is: Greninja, Sceptile, Blaziken, Mimikyu, and Alolan Raichu. Also I don't like moves that don't do damage, so do a Pokemon with good damaging moves and also is not the same type as any of my other Pokemon.
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Flygon could be a nice asset. It's fast and has a good Attack stat, both very good things for an in-game playthrough. A potential moveset could be:

Flygon @ Soft Sand / Dragon Fang
Ability: Levitate
-Dragon Claw
-Steel Wing

I've used Flygon in-game before, and it's served me very well. It deals quite nicely with notable trainers like Olivia and Molayne.

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Since you àre almost at the end of the game, I will suggest Weavile to you. . Weavile does fit your conditions for Types as well as Attacking. Additionally, it has great 120 Attack and 125 Speed. It also gets a solid Dark Type STAB in Night Slash as well. It also gets Ice Punch as solid STAB. For coverage, it gets X-Scissor, Brick Break and Poison Jab. With these moves, it covers Molayne (Partially), Kahilli, Acerola and part of Hau's Team. It is available at Mt. Lanikala.
My Set
Weavile @ Black Glasses
Pressure Ability
Night Slash
Ice Punch
Poison Jab/Swords Dance
Brick Break

Sneasel is very close to the end of the game I think.
I think J suggested it because OP is almost at Lanakila?
I thought Necrozma wasn't that far into the game... guess I was wrong.
Me too, actually. I could've sworn it was around Ula'ula, but I guess not.
Maybe I'm wrong.  I'll check really quick.
After the Necrozma battle, only Mina and Hapu remain, so I think it is late enough to consider Sneasel.