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Hi. I’m doing a shiny playthrough of Heart Gold, and I am at Ho-Oh, and I need one last team member. I’m thinking of Roserade or Aggron.The current team:
Which one should I choose?


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I would go with Aggron for this one. For One, it boasts a great base 180 Defense which helps with Lance's Gyarados, Charizard, Aerodactyl and Drangonite's STAB Move. Also, it has a usable base 110 Attack. It has a good Defensive Matchup against Koga and Will as well. Now, it has solid STAB's in Rock Slide/Stone Edge and Iron Head. Aggron has good coverage moves Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Brick Break, and Payback. The main thing that is bad is that it Evolves at Level 42 though. Also Roserade only really gets Normal, Grass and Shadow Ball for attacking moves, which doesn't take advantage of its 125 base SpA. I think Aggron is the better choice overall though. Just don't send it out against Bruno Though.
Hope this helps!

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So, the time I say why, it's also wroth mention about that put your Typhlosion and Luxay put to your PC box seems the other two with the same type actally was much better then them.
However, In my opinion, Roserade was a better choice.
1. Typing
Although Roserade's typing wasn't good, but it was still better than Aggron of Steel / Rock, which was been super effective by a lot of types such as Fighting and Ground.
2. Stat
Roserade's stat was slightly better than Aggorn's one, which was more faster which means it has the chance to kill opponent even though opponent didnt hit it.
3. Other
The only reason choose Aggorn was that it could make your team more balance at Psychical and Special and also...
You cannot get Aggron in Heatgold.

hope it helps!

Aron can be caught at the Safari Zone.
Yeah.  It says so on Bulbapedia.
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I think Aggron would be better
and keep rossrade also insted of menactric

12 word answer? you didn’t seem to put any effort in this answer at all....