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like giga-drain now has 75 power include all changes from gen I-II-III-IV-V

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This are some changes that i found

Tackle / Scratch / Pound have changed from 35 power to 50 in gen 5, also accuracy is now 100%

Drain moves (giga drain, drain punch , etc) changed from 60 to 75 and from 5PP To 10PP

Growth used to increase only special attack, now it raises both attack and special

Future sight Its now 100 power and 100 accuracy, it used to be 80 and 90

Bullet seed changed its power from 10 to 25

Rock blast Changed its accuracy from 80 to 90

Hypnosis It was originally 60 accuracy, then changed to 70 in 4th gen, then changed back to 60 in 5th gen

Thrash Changed from 90 to 120 power in 5th gen

Outrage / Petal dance Changed from 90 to 120 power in 4th gen

I might update this.

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