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Pokemon Grey...?

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I heard that Game Freak says no. Is it true? ;(

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We all know they're gonna do it. There's too much money in it for them not to. They've done the same thing with yellow, crystal, emerald, and platinum, and I'm sure this won't be any different. They just say they aren't working on it as a ploy to keep money. The rumors end up serving as advertisements, then they have people practically begging for the game. I'm sure there's one coming out though.

UPDATE: see this question for details

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I am pretty sure nothing has been confirmed but we will probably know by late September/early October. Personally I am hoping for a Hoenn remake.

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Imagine the Groudon-Kyogre battle scene...
Yeah, they've basically done a remake on every old generation game, EXEPT Hoenn :(...
The main reason they made remakes of Kanto and Johto was because their games weren't compatible with the newer ones. Now that they're on the GBA and DS, you're able to interact with other games. R/S/E started out on the GBA and was always able to interact with others.  If there's a lot of money to be made from it, i'm sure they'll remake them, but the first two had their reasons.
Let's see: not much work, just copying and remaking something they already did, but still getting tons of cash? yeah, probably. They won't do it soon though. They'll probably milk gen V a bit more with pokemon gray a little while after rumble. Then they'll probably do another remake. After that possibly gen VI.