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Can anyone give me a link to FR?
And, also, explain, how to start it on HTC?

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What software does your HTC have?
whats htc
Mobile phone.
DD, if your HTC is using android software i can help you. If not, sorry.
Well...yes, android, I guess :D :D :D
Download an emulator from the android market(try find Gameboid). Download the BIOS. Download the roms and... taddaa! You can play FR on your mobile. It is a very complicated proccess. I dont even know how i did it.

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There are no Pokemon games for mobile phones, not the main ones like FireRed anyway.

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Yes, i voted it down. Because you can play pokemon games on mobiles. On my old Sony Ericsson i had pokemon gold. On my Motorola Milestone(the one i have now) i have gold, silver, yello ,ruby, sapphire, FR, LG and mystery dungeon.