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Can't decide which one to choose.

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What's the rest of the team?
You should not use Goodra because dragon types with exactly 600 BST are very uncreative and boring.
The rest of my team is chesnaught greninja Delphic Aegaslash and sylveon
I need a dragon type and rock and poison don't overlap so one of them

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It all depends on what kind of Pokemon you require. Dragalge isn't available in Pokemon X totally, so I think you obtained it from a trade. Looking at its stat, he's really slow, mediocre Sp.Atk, with 97, while a high Sp.Def of 123. Goodra on the other hand is hard to evolve and takes a lot of time, but he's worth it. 100 Atk and 110 Sp.Atk make it a nice mixed attacker, with a pretty good movepool. Tyrantrum evolves earlier at Level 39, is more slow at 71, and a monstrous attack of 121. He's a total physical attacker. Since this is in-game, Hyper Offense is more important, so either Goodra or Tyrantrum. In-game, anything works good. So if you are patient then Goodra, else Tyrantrum is good, but Dragalge the worst choice.

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