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I am planning my HG ingame team. Which one of my Pokemon should learn Fly; Togekiss (now it's a Togepi), Dragonite, or Charizard? I don't have movesets for them.

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Definitely Dragonite because both Carizard and Togekiss are special attackers and Dragonite is Physical attacker.

But on the other side Dragonite evolves very late (lvl 55) so what you could do is temporarely teach it to charizard to have the HM and when you get Dragonite go to move deleter, delete fly if you want and teach Fly to Dragonite.

Fly CAN be used with Charizard in battle with Charizard because it has decent Atk but i recommend you teach fly to dragonite.

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Totally !!
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I think Hex covered that out, but if you are not near the Elite4 or after them you should:
a)If you are at the start of the game, use Hoothoot.
b)If you are before the Elite4 use Dragonite.
c)If you are after the Elite4 use Charizard.

If you want it just to fly around (i have to agree with Hex here) teach it to Dragonite.
If you also want it for battle teach it to Charizard. (if told, teach it to Togekiss it would not make sense because in the moveset i gave Rexaneitor for Togekiss i dont include Fly).