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i have a male blaziken I chose as my starter in omega ruby, then transferred from it to various later games (i forget which of y and moon, definitely in ultra moon) then to sword. I bred it with a ditto caught from sword, with 32 offspring. 31 of them have scratch, growl and peck as moves. 1 has scratch, growl and low kick. is this normal?

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upon transfer to swsh, the blaziken had the same moveset, but it had sky uppercut. since it was discontinued in gen 8, i used the superpower tr.
thank you all for helping
Did the Blaziken level up and learn a move while it was breeding?
Does this count as not answering a clarifying question?
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It is reasonable to write an answer that addresses both scenarios without knowing which one applies to the problem, so no, this does not break rule 1.4.
Though, I don't see why that information would help answer this question. I think OP is mistaken in some way because the scenario as they describe it is impossible.

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