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i have a male blaziken I chose as my starter in omega ruby, then transferred from it to various later games (i forget which of y and moon, definitely in ultra moon) then to sword. I bred it with a ditto caught from sword, with 32 offspring. 31 of them have scratch, growl and peck as moves. 1 has scratch, growl and low kick. is this normal?

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What's the Blaziken's moveset?
Low kick is only learned by tr. I have no idea how it would have low kick from an egg
It doesn't appear to learn it as an egg move in gen 8, but it does in gen 7. As mentioned above, maybe you did something with a tr? Or  did you breed it in other games?
blaziken’s moveset at time of breeding: superpower, cut, blaze kick, peck
i did not breed it previously.
i used the superpower tr on the blaziken prior to breeding.
In previous generations (when TM’s were consumables), if a parent could pass down an egg move and knew a TM move, it could pass down the TM move to the Child if it could learn the move, despite the move not being an egg move. (This was likely done due to the limited or difficult methods of acquiring TMs). They could’ve made the same thing true for TRs, but I don’t know how it would pass it down without knowing the move, unless you got 1 egg before using a different TR. :P

Superpower then wouldn’t pass down due to Torchic’s inability to learn it. Just a guess , though. I’m too lazy to prove it. :P
upon transfer to swsh, the blaziken had the same moveset, but it had sky uppercut. since it was discontinued in gen 8, i used the superpower tr.
thank you all for helping

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