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Like, I mean, for the 3DS they added RBY/GSC

For the Switch, has there been any interest in bringing the gens 1, 2 and 3 to the Switch from them? In terms of Tweets, interviews, posts, etc.

I'm kind of thinking how awesome the New 3ds would be if it also had slot 2 like the ds lite. That way we could play gens 1 throughout 7 all legitimately. They also skipped the re-release of gen 3 entirely for the 3ds, has there been any hints that they might do this for the switch?

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There's been rumors they're releasing HG/SS ports for the switch
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There is a rumor for the switch that the diamond and pearl remakes will come out. It is a rumor but there is some evidence such as the first three gens have had remakes or they all take place on different consoles like GBA, DS, 3DS, and (maybe) Switch. Gen 4 is the next chronologically and the gap between each remake would put the remakes being released next novemberish in 2021. (This is just a rumor and all I can think of)

I don't think they will release a switch with backwards compatibility because of the lack of 2 screens and it is a "revolution in gaming". A 3ds with backwards compatibilty could be a thing, but I think they are done with 3ds' and they want to focus on the now.

Hope I helped! (And at least answered one question)

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I highly doubt it sadly most people I know (not from here but irl) want the newest, latest, greatest games. “It’s already been done” “it had it’s chance” I think if they werd eber gonna do it they would’ve said so by now i’m sure seitch users will see gen 9 or ten but nothing old being re-released.