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Basically, I'm asking about Pokemon that change type with held items. Genesect can appear as Douse, and Zoroark appears as Genesect Burn. Does this happen with Pokemon like Arceus and Silvally? Example: if an Arceus is holding the plate that makes it a Dark type, can Zoroark appear as a Grass type Arceus?

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I had Arceus-Bug and whenever I sent Zoroark out, it was still Arceus-Bug in the replay. I also did this a second time, still Arceus-Bug. So, the answer is it probably has a small chance of occurring, or you just mixed up Douse and Burn.

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Thanks. I didn't mix up douse and burn though.
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I highly doubt it was a coincidence that Zoroark disguised as both Electric Arceus and Fighting Silvally.

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