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My current team which I am thinking about is:
Any good suggestions for the last team member?
P.S: Some Pokemon who will need less grinding. Also is there any changes needed for the rest?

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Your STAB attacks leave Normal, Flying, Ghost, Electric, Psychic, Dark, and Dragon uncovered super effectively. Two of your Pokemon are weak to Electric, Ice, Bug, and Rock (source). Electric overlaps in each category, so I think you'll want a solid Ground type. It's an excellent offensive type, and covers Red's Pikachu and Slowking's/Crobat's Electric weakness as a whole. I believe Mamoswine is the best Ground type to use, as not only does it cover Electric types, but also Flying types you can't currently hit super effectively. It can be found as a Swinub on the Ice Path, just before Clair, meaning it won't need as much levelling as some other Pokemon. Here's a nice set:

Mamoswine @ anything
Ability: Oblivious
- Ice Shard / Ice Fang
- Earthquake
- Strength
- Return

Hope I helped!

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Rock smash, cut, strength, and whirlpool are required to beat the game, but they're mostly useless in battle. To make the best use of your 24 move slots and whatever experience you can get without grinding, you should put all of your most useless HM moves on one HM slave that gets no experience, and give all your experience to Pokemon that know 4 useful moves. Of the Pokemon that learn rock smash, cut, strength, and whirlpool, the easiest one to catch is Krabby.
Also, Crobat is very difficult to evolve and has common weaknesses, so I recommend not using it. It's easier to win using a team of 4 battlers than 5 battlers because less battlers means each one gets more experience. But if you really want another Pokemon, then I recommend replacing Crobat with Haunter, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, or Scyther.

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Your team would probably cover all the types except:

  • Electric (for that you need either a Dig / Earthquake user or a Ground type)
  • Dark (fighting type or Brick Break / Drain Punch user)
  • Normal (Again a fighting type)
  • Dragon (unless you have Ice Beam for Slowbro)
  • Flying (same as Dragon)
  • Ghost (unless you have Shadow Claw for Ambipom)
  • Psychic (same as Ghost)

So the main threats are the first three. You need either a Fighting or a Ground type.

Since PP of Drain Punch and Close Combat is only 5, I would recommend you use Brick Break along with these.

Earthquake is available only in the later part of the game, so use Dig for time being.

Pokémons which can learn the above moves are Poliwrath, Heracross, Machamp, Pinsir, and Hitmon Trio (not Dig).

Since you need:

  • No two Water types,
  • No trading,
  • STAB for either Fighting / Ground type moves,

You are left with Heracross, Pinsir and Hitmon Trio. Out of these, Heracross is availble in early game. So I recommend you to choose Heracross.

Heracross @ anything
Nature: not -Atk and -Spe
Ability: (any)

  • Brick Break
  • Mega Horn
  • Close Combat
  • Earthquake

Also, I recommend to give

  • Ice Beam TM for Slowbro
  • Shadow Claw and Dig TM for Ambipom

Hope this helps :)