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In the Isle of Armor DLC, you can talk to Honey and contribute watts to unlock some improvements for the dojo. At first the stuff is pretty basic, like a hair stylist, PC boxes, vending machines and stuff, but I've been wondering. How far can you go in this sort of project and what are some of the beefiest rewards you can get?

There is a Youtube vid by Poketips that shows you, but I don't have the link.

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5,000 Watts: Hair Stylist
10,000 Watts: Broken Rotomi Terminal
20,000 Watts: Fixed Rotomi Terminal
30,000 Watts: Vending Machine with Fresh Water
40,000 Watts: Soda Pop in Vending Machine
50,000 Watts: Lemonade in Vending Machine
100,000 Watts: Fresh Ingredients in Refrigerator
200,000 Watts: Protein and Iron in Vending Machine
300,000 Watts: Calcium and Zinc in Vending Machine
400,000 Watts: HP Up and Carbos in Vending Machine
500,000 Watts : Master Dojo as League Card Background
800,000 Watts: Honey’s League Card
1,000,000 Watts: Trainer Battle with Honey
3,280,000 Watts: Cutscene with Honey and Rare League Card

If you want all of them, better start farming Watts. This article and this article both show ways you can quickly earn Watts.


Hope I helped!