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My Swinub has a Naughty Nature and Larvitar would have a Brave/Adamant Nature.
My team is Ampharos, Gyarados, Heracross, Quilava, and Crobat.

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If you don't care about defeating Red or getting lots of wins in the Battle Frontier, then Mamoswine is better because it learns earthquake faster and evolves faster.
Also why are you using a Crobat when you already have another flying Pokemon on your team?
Maybe because they want a flier and gyrados can't learn it?
Farfetch'd, Skarmory, Smeargle, and Lugia are all better fliers because they can learn more HMs.
gyrados is currently filer,plan to replace it with lapras or starme soon
Why would you replace it? Gyarados is a very strong Pokemon in HGSS.
Oh really I just thought lapras was stronger based on the forms I read.
Both of Lapras's attack stats are worse than Gyarados's physical attack, and Lapras has more weaknesses and can't learn earthquake. Lapras comes at level 20 and has slow leveling rate. Which forms are you reading?
https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ds/960100-pokemon-soulsilver-version/answers/475172-should-i-use-gyarados-or-lapras this said lapras can one shot lance gyarados and pick lapras if you want a builker pokemon

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Go with Mamoswine. It covers some weaknesses of every other member of your team with its STAB, plus it's easier to obtain than Tyranitar. You get Mamoswine just in time for Clair, while Tyranitar may take until the post game to get, what with Johto's level curve. Ice and Ground are also better types offensively than Rock and Dark.

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