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Plz tell me

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It's good. PokéRus (PokéVirus) is time-limited something that doubles the amout of EVs obtained. When a Pokémon with PKRS is in computer, it will not spread nor dissappear. When walking with Pokémon with PKRS, it will spread throught whole party, but IT'S LIMITED TIME ONLY!! (I don't know for how long it lasts, but it's not very long)

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If it's in your party, it will only last until midnight, even if the game is turned off.
Are you sure??
I am pretty sure it will last for 3 days.
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It's fine.Don't worry Pkrs means pokerus.Pokerus is somthing that doubles the amount of EVs obtained.

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What is EV? I really want to know.