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I seriously love dragonite, thing is i like altaria too. I do not want to make altaria and be totally sucky either. Can altaria be a threat?

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Everyone would say Dragonite, so why not be original and take Altaria?
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I'm afraid I can't sugar-coat the answer at all: Altaria is not a threat; not even in its tier. Dragonite is a better choice in every aspect. Altaria seems like a decent Pokemon, thanks to the nice amount of bulk it has, but the fact that the only way it can abuse the bulk is with Toxic makes it extremely unorthodox and, dare I say it, useless.

Altaria actually has a disease that a lot of people have named after Dragonite, your other choice. It's called "Dragonite Syndrome", and it describes a Pokemon that became no weaker, but because its competition got so much stronger, it's just overshadowed now. This is usually what happens to Dragon-types, Steel-types, and legendaries, seeing as their fast-changing rosters usually mean that certain Pokemon get left behind in terms of additions between generations (Mawile, Flygon, Ho-Oh, etc).

Falling back on your Altaria or Dragonite question, I'd have to say that Dragonite is a much better choice. Having a 600 base stat total means that it's really strong all-around, having a massive Attack stat, good bulk, and even an okay Speed stat. Altaria really just has Defense, and it would take two Dragon Dances just for Altaria to be as strong as a regular Dragonite. Pair that crappy Attack with a mediocre movepool, no form of abusing the bulk, and less HP than desired, and you have a really mediocre Dragon.

Definitely take Dragonite. You won't regret it.

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Dragonite's new ability provides it with a fair amount of bulk, especially when paired with roost.
Very nice answer you put down.
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Altaria CAN be a bit of a threat, but Dragonite wins over any day.

All of his stats surpass those of Altaria, except speed, which can be made up through dragon dances.

Also, look at their bases.

Altaria has about 490
Where as Dragonite has 600

Plus dragonite is known for having a very wide move pool.

I highly Suggest Dragonite.

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Very good answers guys.
Altaria has a higher Sp Def as well.
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Actually despite other answer yes Altaria can be a threat and is the better choice here's why. Because of the new rules in Black and White 2 (which I assume you are now playing) a Pokemon that has been put to sleep must sleep for three turns, this means that if you combine perish song with sing you can KO anything that is too powerful for you. You actually do have a decent moves pool as well, it can learn sky attack, dragon breath, dragon pulse and dragon claw. That makes it perfect for any team especially as a tank because of its high Defense stats.

(P.S. I made this account excessively to own the team Dragonite noobs.)

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This is awesome :) I love Altaria!
Is switching out a thing of the past. This can easily be countered by insomnia, Early Bird, etc