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My team is Swampert, Gardevoir, Manectric, Sharkpedo/Walrein, Flygon and Camerupt
which is better in your opinion, I also have both of these Pokemon(Have a Sealo),

Natures: Sharkpedo:Naive: Sealo: Modest.

Also just pretend I don't have Swampert.

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I'd go with Sharpedo for Phoebe since you already have Gardevoir for Drake
This is for Emerald, so Gardevoir isn't Fairy type.
Where are you at in the game?
Personally, I'd keep Swampert lol
im pretty sure this is opinion based
This can be statistically proven as to which is better, so it's not opinion-based.

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- Quite fast
- Amazing Attack stat and respectable Special Attack
- Solid Ability in Rough Skin
- Naive is a very good Nature for Sharpedo
- Learns moves like Crunch, Skull Bash, and Hydro Pump
- Dark and Water are special in Gen 3, meaning it doesn't get to effectively use its better attacking stat
- Paper-thin defenses

- Excellent tank, with 110/90/90 defensive stats
- Thick Fat ups its tankiness even more
- Solid Special Attack
- Water and Ice are special in Gen 3, meaning it can use its better attacking stat well
- Learns moves like Waterfall, Surf, Blizzard, and Ice Beam
- Gets zero special moves that aren't STAB, meaning you'll have to do a mixed moveset
- Modest and a mixed moveset isn't a good combo, but it works
- Fairly slow

If you want a speedy attacker, go with Sharpedo. If you want a hard-hitting but slower attacker, go with Walrein. I'll provide sets:

Sharpedo @ anything
Ability: Rough Skin
- Waterfall / Surf
- Crunch
- Strength / Return
- Skull Bash / Earthquake

Walrein @ anything
Ability: Thick Fat
- Ice Beam
- Surf
- Earthquake / Strength
- Return

Hope I helped!

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X you said ability
God damn it
Walrein and Sharpedo have the same base special attack, which means their surfs do (roughly) the same amount of damage.
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First, Sharpedo and Walrein have the same base special attack, so their surfs do (roughly) the same amount of damage.
Sharpedo's STAB crunch is useful against Tate and Liza and Phoebe, and Walrein has a bit of trouble against Juan and Glacia because water Pokemon resist both of its STABs. Walrein is useful against Drake and not really any other major opponents. I think this is the best Sharpedo moveset. It has ice beam so it can still hit Drake.

Sharpedo @ mystic water/dark glasses
EVs: 100 SpA
- surf
- ice beam
- crunch
- earthquake/rock smash/strength/dive/waterfall