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So I want to do the Masuda method for Pokémon and I’m gonna restart my game and transfer Pokémon to my friends game so I don’t lose my Pokémon. If I change my country I’m in does that change country of origin?


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You just have to play the game in a different language.

Masuda method is not based on location at all, it's based entirely on the language identifier associated with the Pokemon, which is based on the language of the game it was obtained in.


Oh so if I already have a save file then change the language the change it back would that work?
You would need to reset the save file, play on a different language, transfer the Ditto, and reset it again.
No, you have to get, for example, the Japanese version of the game. You can't just change location.

I made this mistake as a kid, too.
All the sources I read said that was a rumor but....huh. I'll have to look into it more then. Which game were you playing?