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It has "Aura" in the move's name. Let's say I had a double battle against a Clawitzer and a Pokemon that can learn Skill Swap, and I had a Morpeko that knew Aura. The Pokemon that knows Skill Swap uses it on Clawitzer, then the Pokemon that has Mega Launcher due to Skill Swap Skill Swaps it on Morpeko, giving it the Mega Launcher ability. Will Aura Wheel be able to get the Mega Launcher boost?


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Nope, it does not recieve the boost from the ability Mega Launcher. The move may have "Aura" in the name, but it does not apply in this situation as the move doesn't seem to have an "Aura or Pulse." The move is just a wheel made out of some type of electricity, it would not make too much sense for it to be boosted. Another supporting reason could be the fact that in-game, Morpeko cannot have the Ability without ability swap or hacks. Only 3 Pokemon can have that ability and they cannot have that move in their set. An argument could be made that Kyogre's move Origin Pulse gets boosted and that Morpeko's should too but Aura Wheel is a Physical Electric type attack and has no reason to be boosted.

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Unfortunately, no, Aura Wheel will not be boosted by Mega Launcher. Here are the moves that are boosted:
Heal Pulse
Dark Pulse
Aura Sphere
Dragon Pulse
Water Pulse
Origin Pulse
Terrain Pulse

Source: https://www.serebii.net/abilitydex/megalauncher.shtml

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Aura Wheel does not get the boost from Mega Launcher.