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Canalave City is in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and is the location of the 6th gym leader, Byron.

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the seventh gym leader, Brycen, has the following team:

Vanillish Lv 37

Ability: Ice Body

Moves: Acid Armor, Astonish, Mirror Shot, Frost breath

Cryogonal Lv 37

Ability: Levitate

Moves: Reflect, Aurora Beam, Rapid Spin, Frost Breath

Beartic Lv 39

Ability: Snow Cloak

Moves: Swagger, slash, Brine, Icicle Crash

He's basically a more pathetic version of Pryce. Ice types can be countered with fire, fighting, rock, and steel type moves.

Beware as Ice types are strong against grass, ground, flying, and dragon types.

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The seventh Gym leader is a ice type gym leader.

He starts of with vanillish level 37

Then Beartic level 39

Last is Cryogonal level 37

Hope this helps