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Litwick can be found in the Celestial Tower at levels 28-35, and evolves into Lampent at level 41 and into Chandelure with a Dusk Stone.

Metang can be found in Giant Chasm at levels 45 and 48, and evolves into Metagross at level 45.

I need someone to combat Fighting types and these are the best options.

Natures are Rash for Chandelure and Metagross is going to be Adamant.

Team is Magnezone, Haxorus, Chandelure/ Metagross, Krookodile, Samurott, Lucario.

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It depends on your team
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Chandelure fits your team better. Here is why:

  • You already have 2 steel types, adding Metagross will make it 3 which won't really help you if you more courage.

  • Metagross is weak to 2 of the elite four members and is only effective against 1.

  • Chandelure is strong against 2 and is immune to one but is weak to 1. still better than metagross.

  • Most of most of your team is weak against types at are weak to fire which would make it ideal to use chandelure.

  • How on earth do you have the patience to to spend hours looking for a Pokemon with a legendary catch rate with the right nature, let alone catching one. This one is by @Giga~Blade X

Hope I helped!

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Plus, Metang is ridiculously hard to catch.
Oh I'll add that. Thank you.