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Smeargle @ Focus sash/

Nature jolly- 252 speed evs, 252 hp evs/


Transform (I heard that transform copies the foes stats and stats changes except for hp and my Smeargle will still keep his speed evs)


Leech Seed

Substitute(After using spore i was thinking i could set up a substitute before i transform and if they stay sleep long enough i can set up leech seed too)

dont give smeargle speed evs,because it will end up going first and using sketch up.

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It is still a nice idea, but perhaps have another move to help things out. Maybe a recovery move for added health, you could fine tune the set a bit to give it baton pass and you can send that health restoration to another pokemon on your team.

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In Black and White he can. Smeargle can be found in a swarm on Route 5, so i went to Route 5 battled a Smeargle with a Ditto as my lead and Smeargle sketched it perfectly :P It kept the move after the battle too
It's still not a fitting move for him, Ditto with his DW ability can do a much better job with it.
True, but he cant set up like i'm planning to do with my Smeargle
Ditto doesn't need to set up though. His ability lets him transform instantly. Smeargle has to burn through a turn using spore. The time it takes to transform could easily be used to boost up stats, cripple the opponent more, etc.
I see your point, but right now I have 2,620 DW points and getting Ditto requires 7,500. It'll take way to long before I can even consider that so Smeargle is my option for now