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how does the game add up all the power and defense and attack


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This shows how they do it in generation 5.

Level-This one is self explanatory. The higher your pokemon's level, the stronger the attack.

Attack-This one is also special attack if you're using a special move. If you use a move like swords dance, then those modifications are made beforehand. For instance, if you have a pokemon with 150 attack that uses swords dance, it will go to 300.

Defense-same as attack in that you use special defense for special moves. The number is based on your target's defense.

Base- the Base damage of the attack. For example, Earthquake has a base power of 100.

Modifier is for situational things:

STAB- If your pokemon's move matches its type, it'll be stronger.

type-this is where type matchups come in. If I use a grass move on swampert, it would be for because of his 4X weakness to grass.

critical-If you get a critical hit, then this powers up. This one is luck though.

other-This is for things like helping hand, weather, items, etc.

rand-Every time you attack, a random number ranging from .85 to 1 is selected.

So each move can strike with different power in gen 5?
If you are referring to the 'random' modifier, then yes, that's what it means. Moves don't do a set amount of damage. The formula has also remained unchanged since, and so still applies today.