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So, I'm training up my team of Pokémon to go against Tate and Liza in Mossdeep town. Here's my list of Pokémon in my party and PC.

//Party Pokémon//
-Lv 34 Combusken -- Quick Attack, Cut, Ember, Double Kick
-Lv 35 Zangoose -- Strength, Quick Attack, Rock Smash, Crush Claw
-Lv 35 Pelipper -- Fly, Water Gun, Surf, Steel Wing
-Lv 37 Magneton -- Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Spark, Thunder Wave
-Lv 34 Breloom -- Counter, Flash, Mach Punch, Leech Seed
-Lv 32 Carvanha -- Scary Face, Crunch, Screech, Take Down

//PC Pokémon//
-Lv 26 Manectric -- Howl, Quick Attack, Spark, Odor Sleuth
-Lv 35 Wailmer --Whirlpool, Astonish, Water Pulse, Dive
-Lv 33 Hariyama -- Tackle, Vital Throw, Rock Smash, Arm Thrust
-Lv 28 Spheal -- Encore, Ice Ball, Body Slam, Aurora Beam

I tried to catch Absol as well, but that one broke out of most of my PokéBalls. (I refuse to use my master ball until I get to the Groudon section. I'm not fighting Groudon.)


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Replace Zangoose's rock smash and crush claw with swords dance and shadow ball. Replace Sharpedo's scary face with surf. That should be enough to defeat Tate and Liza. I recommend having both of them attack Solrock first so that hopefully Solrock faints before Sharpedo does. If that happens, then you have already won, because Lunatone can't touch Sharpedo.

Lvl 42 0 SpA Solrock Psychic vs. Lvl 35 84 HP / 84 SpD Zangoose: 46-55 (42.2 - 50.4%) -- 1.2% chance to 2HKO
Lvl 42 0 SpA Solrock Flamethrower vs. Lvl 33 84 HP / 84 SpD Sharpedo: 22-26 (21.7 - 25.7%) -- 0.5% chance to 4HKO
Lvl 35 84 Atk Zangoose Shadow Ball vs. Lvl 42 0 HP / 0 Def Solrock: 51-60 (41.4 - 48.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
Lvl 33 84 SpA Sharpedo Crunch vs. Lvl 42 0 HP / 0 SpD Solrock: 71-84 (57.7 - 68.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO


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First off, you need to level up your Pokemon a lot more. Tate and Liza's Lunatone and Solrock are both lv. 42. I recommend your team being at least lv. 39.

Evolve Combusken and teach it Blaze Kick or Fire Blast (TM you can buy in Lilycove Mall) over Ember. Carvanha should've evolved into a Sharpedo already (It evolves at lv. 30), but see if you can evolve it anyway. You can also reach it Surf.

Pelipper and Carvanha/Sharpedo should be able to carry you through just fine. Despite having 2 Rock types, they actually have no Rock type moves. Just watch out for Solrock's SolarBeam. You might want to take it out first. Good luck! :)

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Thanks a bunch! I just caught my Carvanha at that level, so I dunno why it isn't evolved. How do I make it evolve, if that's possible? Sorry for the dumb questions, heh.
@Kyogre Why blaze kick when Combusken can learn fire blast?
@Diamond It should evolve when you level it up.
Yeah, just level it up, it should evolve.

@sumwun You have to buy the Fire Blast TM, so I thought Blaze Kick would be easier. But I'll add that
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Personally I think that Mawille and Absol would be best since they’re Dark type and steel type and it would work on a rock and psychic type.

First, wild Pokemon have low levels, so catching, level grinding, and using wild Pokemon is almost always slower. Second, Mawile and Absol can't learn any strong steel or dark moves before fighting Tate and Liza.